Welcome to WAIT
Browser-based performance reports with no agents, no restart

Having performance problems? With IBM's WAIT tool you will quickly be on your way to resolving them. It is not necessary to install or reconfigure anything, or even restart your application.

Our tool identifies the bottlenecked resources, and shows the code that drives this load. It works on any Java application, including distributed workloads with a central Java component. There is no complex system of agents.

The output is an HTML report that you can easily archive and share.

43% of WAIT users said they got application performance insights in an hour or less. — Survey of 54 WAIT users

“WAIT provides us with quick visual profiling of applications for memory and lock contention issues among threads. It's an easy to use tool.” — Consultant, Educational Institution

“WAIT helped us quickly analyze the whole environment.” — Consultant, Global 500 Telecom Services Company